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San José Exciting and Friendly

Many new  things are going on these days in our small yet energetic city. You will find trendy restaurants, pet friendly parks, hidden bars in secluded streets. Come discover a cosmopolitan city with the best weather all year round.

Plaza Mayor

Boulevard de Rohrmoser, 3 minutes from Apartotel La Sabana.


Escazú, 10 minutes from Apartotel La Sabana.

Teatro Melico Salazar

Second Avenue, downtown San José, 3 minutes from Apartotel La Sabana.

Teatro Nacional

Second Avenue, downtown San José, 4 minutes from Apartotel La Sabana.

Parque La Sabana

La Sabana Park is a fun and great option for a family outing. 2 minutes away from Apartotel La Sabana.

Inbio Parque

Only 20 minutes away from the Apartotel, located in the town of Santo Domingo de Heredia.

Museo de Arte Costarricense

East side of La Sabana park,  costarrican art. 2 minutes away from Apartotel La Sabana.

Museo Nacional

End of pedestrian section of Avenida Central. Thearter, music and more. 5 minutes away from Apartotel La Sabana.

Museo de Oro Precolombino

Underground level of Plaza de la Cultura, on Pedestrian section of Avenida Central. 5 minutes away from Apartotel La Sabana.

Parque de Diversiones

La Uruca, 7 minutes from Apartotel La Sabana. Amusement park.

Museo de los Niños

Northwest side of downtown San José,7 minutes from Apartotel La Sabana. A museum for the young.

Mercado de Artesanías

West side of Plaza de la Democracia, end of pedestrian section of Avenida Central. Every day from 9:00 to 18:00. 10 minutes away from Apartotel La Sabana.

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Extended stays or short stays will all enjoy our superb service, the best breakfast buffet in town included in your room rate, beautiful gardens and pool.

Moving Around in San José

Taxi , Uber, public bus, even a funky train! Traveling in San José is easy, especially with Google maps and Waze. Both taxi and Uber are very safe and efficient. Allow 5 minutes for pick up. Feel like doing your own driving? We will be glad to help you with information on booking car rentals. If you wish to travel outside San José but avoid driving Interbus, a private bus operator is your best choice. It will take you to many destinations in Costa Rica.

Inside of Apartment D

Combine a trip to the tropics with a medical treatment

Costa Rica has become one of the first alternatives for medical treatments, both aesthetic and dental with highly specialized medical doctors, clinics and hospitals internationally certified, and with top quality infrastructure. Apartotel La Sabana is the perfect place to recover from your medical treatment as it offers a very quiet and private environment. Its strategic location enables easy access to and from physician clinics and private hospitals. We have built alliances with specialized physicians.  Ask for our special discounts.

Fun Night Activities for Adults

San José is a happening night city with a large variety of cultural acitivies and entertainment. The Teatro Nacional and the Teatro Melico Salazar always have dance and music performances from local and international artists, but you can check many other small theaters for a varied offer of cultural shows.

For those who like to dance the night away, Escazú comes to mind. Closely located near the Apartotel you will find bars, restaurants, live music and discoteques for all tastes. Check the casino at San José Palacio, very close to us and full of action.

Pool and wine at night
Terrace at night

Apartotel La Sabana is located on the western outskirts of Downtown San José, a booming financial, commercial and residential area near Parque La Sabana, the biggest city park. This makes our neighborhood very accessible yet very quiet and private. Guests are always amazed by the country feel you experience once you enter our hotel.


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