Towards a Sustainable Service at La Sabana

Sustainability is one of our intrinsic values, here at Apartotel La Sabana. It has been more than five years since we embarked on this journey. We have implemented green actions in every step of our processes carrying them through with commitment and constancy.

With great excitement we received our CST (sustainable tourism certificate) in 2013. We were awarded with three leaves (out of five) by the ICT (Costarrican Institute of Tourism).

Our efforts towards Sustainability were recognized and it became our starting point in a journey we are so happy to travel. It has inspired us in many ways, opening new opportunities to change the way we do things. We now focus all our efforts into building an integrated operation that will decrease our industry´s negative impact on the environment and society, while encouraging balanced and responsible local economic growth.

This effort has only been possible through our incredible staff, who is committed and involved.

Community & Staff

Since it opened its doors 20 years ago, Apartotel La Sabana has been leading the way in Responsible Management.

Our main focus is on our staff. They give life to the Apartotel, sharing their best attributes to make it a truly unique workplace. We support personal growth and education, promoting scholarships and working around schedules to facilitate this process.

We are proud to host an in-house Bachelor Program, designed to help all personnel at the Apartotel to finish the standard academic program in order to earn their High School Diploma.

Our Rural Community Program helps small towns overcome adversity. We have recently helped La Independencia school with supplies and uniforms for the new school year. We aim at lasting relationships that will inspire children to stay in school and pursue their goals.

We appreciate your financial support for our social programs. Please ask our Front Desk Staff, or write us at Together, we can make it happen!

Responsible Travel in Costa Rica

You can be a part of this great experience! When traveling, always try to minimize your impact on the environment and society. Here are some simple steps you can take:

  • Select services and products that make a positive difference.
  • Use public transportation instead of a taxi cab.
  • When you shower, lower the temperature of hot water.
  • Pick up your residues. Leave behind footprints, not garbage!
  • Participate in sustainable programs when available.
  • Help your local sustainable businesses. Act locally!
  • Give us your input. Let´s work as a team to be green!

Support Sustainable Costa Rican Products

This gift shop is part of our daily efforts to turn our business into a more sustainable one with our society, our environment and our economy. Each product complies with sustainability criteria and is also unique by way of its hand-made process. All products have all been made either by indigenous women or small artisans, both from at risk communities in Costa Rica’s rural areas. Most of the materials used are natural or discarded materials recycled and transformed into valuable designed objects. With your purchase you contribute to a fair trade transaction that will allow these groups at risk to have an income and a positive impact on their communities. It’s absolutely true that together we can do more and better!